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April 2013

Trying to be the voice of reason in the Sailor Moon Drama.

Since now everyone is finding out who sailormoonspou is I beg you not to send her hate messages on her regular blog. Please don’t lash out on your anger on what she did . Just please be kind to her even if she don’t accept it. As I was going though her page last monday I realized why she felt like I felt last night although I was just down on myself. She felt invisible to the fandom that she loves.  She felt like she has done everything she could do to become friends with the people here and she felt that nobody notice her. She have like post that didn’t have no notes on them.She make these text post about how she feel and nobody don’t reply to see how she was doing just like we do to each other. Like the seven lovely ladies who I love last night did to me. I know the time difference make it diffcult due to fact the pretty much all of us be online around the same time and when she is online we are asleep but sametimes some of us be up around that time. I am not excusing what she did but sometimes it may be hard to say your feelings to someone if you felt like was being not noticed and this was the only way to do so.It’s not the right way but it got everyone attendtion. Yes she make some amazing graphics. I mean they are goreous. I really wish I can do the things she do. She is very talented. I found many things about her that make her a really really cool person. She love Jane Austen, Miyazaki flims and she love Sailor Moon alot. Just becasue she love dub version does not mean she should be look down upon. I grew up on the dub and just because that was the only version I knew and she proably knew untill a few years back should mean I should be look down upon. That goes for every person in this fandom. I said before I will say it again even after this mess I will love to be her friend and talk to her. You know what I will message her and tell her that I  am sorry for anything I have said over the  past two months. I am still offering my hand in friendship. Everyone else should too.