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June 2012

I am done with the Korra Fandom

This has gotten to far. A Korra rewrite of the first season? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you have any faith in Mike and Bryan at all? I guess you do not. Yes, their are some holes here and there but do you have faith that is the way they wanted to be in the first place and second season is going to fix them? Also that sometimes the second season be better than the first? That they didn’t want a carbon copy of the first series because that would have not been no fun at all? I guess not. You are the most ungrateful fandom I have ever seen. Even Harry Potter fandom is not that ungrateful They have been working on this show for at least three years or more. Do you know how hard it was probably for them to get greenlighted from a company who love kissing spongebob squarepants ass? Also where it is hard for good shows to get even a proper ending for that company? Like Hey Arnold which the series finale movie never got greenlighted? Nick gave them basically a half of a season to work with. I believe that they have done a damn good job with that. I bet you if is was a proposal to do a sprongbob spin off around the sametime they proposed Korra, do you know what the company excs would have choosed? Certainly not Korra. You do fanfics which I see is not enough for you. You bitched and complained instead of just enjoying what a epic show that it is and it still not enough. What do want from them? For Bolin to kick his brother ass? Would that make you happy?  They are putting their hearts into this show which you can tell they are. It’s a insult to the entire crew that works on the Korra. They put their blood, sweat, tears into this because of how everyone loved the first series so much. Just because you are not getting what you want does not mean you have to discredit what they are doing.  I ranted on my smack by Naga post about this. It’s getting old and ridiculous. The fandom is getting torn to pieces because of this. I would love to be a fly on wall in Bryan and Mike’s office while they are reading whats going on tumblr. They would shake their heads big time.  I am going to watch season finale and of course season two but I am done with this fandom. This is how I feel about yall right now. 

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